You Come First

Severin Investments takes its status as a fiduciary seriously. Our Client First approach is ingrained in our culture, and we work hard to make sure your needs are met.

It all starts with the investments we offer our clients. We don't use products that lock up your money through surrender penalties, charge commissions, or have hidden internal fees. We only use stocks, bonds, limited partnerships, and ETFs in our models. This helps us keep your funds available to you whenever you need them, a concept called liquidity.

Additionally, there are no commissions associated with these investments, and little to no internal fees, none of which are hidden. Commissions create a conflict of interest, because the advisor earns more when he can sell you certain products or convince you to switch products often (a practice called churning). Our advisors have no economic incentive to ask you to switch portfolios. Your advisor's only economic incentive is to make you happy and keep you as a client, which puts him on the same side of the table as you.

“What are you looking for out of this relationship?” The first question you'll be asked when you speak with or meet with one of our advisors for the first time. We want to frame this new relationship around you from the start and then tailor an experience you will appreciate.

The advisor you meet with will talk to you about your family, your goals, and succession planning before you even tell her whether you want to go forward with her. She'll determine your risk tolerance, and compare that to your goals to see how we can design a solution to help you meet them. She will show you information about specific models and explain why they may or may not be a good fit for you. If you are interested in 401(k) consulting or life insurance, she will help you determine your needs for those as well. Your advisor will never push you into additional services—she'll let you lead the way.

Once you decide to work with Severin Investments, we'll implement the allocation that your advisor helped you determine. Then, our investment team will work behind the scenes and monitor the allocations daily to make changes when needed. You'll be invited in quarterly for reviews, and your advisor will ask that you catch up at least annually to reassess your strategy. 


Everything we do is with you in mind.