Fee-Only Portfolio Management


Passive vs. Active management is certainly a hot topic in the investment industry today. Passive management involves purchasing index funds and allowing your account to fluctuate fully with the ebs and flows of the market. Active managers use strategy to invest your funds and make changes when their stragey calls for it. There are many types of active portfolio managers with many different strategies-- all with varying degrees of success. 

We at Severin Investments firmly believe that when done correctly, active portfolio management is better for clients in the long-run, especially those who have built up a sizeable nest egg. Why? The world is constantly changing and new developments in technology, such as social media and artificial intelligence only catalyze that change. If you are in a buy-and-hold strategy, you are not taking advantage of opportunities that arise from changes in technology and the economy. An active portfolio manager who is on top of an ever-evolving world can position you to your benefit and effectively execute an active strategy.

Additionally, hedging downside risk becomes increasingly important as individuals mature. While you may be able to tolerate the roller coaster ride of the stock market when you're in your 20s, a bear market in your 50s could set your retirement plans back several years. While no portfolio manager can eliminate downside risk, an active manager can help soften the blow when economic indicators start heading south. Severin Investments uses tactical movements to adjust your risk exposure when the economy is booming versus lagging, allowing you to adapt to changes in the market. We then use a fundamental approach to choose strong companies that we believe are good representatives of progress in their industry.

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