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Our Focus is on You

Severin Investments is a fee-only portfolio management firm with a Client First approach. We work with individuals and institutions to help them develop goal-oriented strategies using our actively managed portfolios of stocks, bonds, and ETFs. When we meet with you, we will develop a Working Investment Plan together, which lays the groundwork for how we will allocate your funds. Then, we'll review with you as often as you need to make sure your Investment Plan is evolving with you and your family. Learn More. 


The World isn't Stagnant; Your Portfolio Shouldn't Be Either

Just like you, the global economy is constantly evolving, which is why Severin Investments proactively makes adjustments in your portfolio in order to better position you for change. We use tactical investing to determine which economies and industries you should be invested in according to broad economic indicators. Then, we narrow our focus to determine specific companies that we believe have strong fundamentals and belong in your investment portfolio. Learn More. 


Knowledge is Power

Our purpose is to show you that mutual funds, index funds, and annuities are not your only options. You don't have to be ultra-wealthy to work with a professional money manager and own a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Our business model is designed to provide a fiduciary relationship to many different portfolio sizes from pivate individuals to institutional models.


How Much Risk Can You Tolerate? This is one of the most important questions when determining how you should be invested. Our free risk questionnaire is a quick and easy way to find your risk number. 









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