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Investment Strategies

Severin Investments Blended Model Strategies

Severin Investments blended models are split into three programs-- Growth, Growth & Income, and Income. Each program is made up of portfolio "styles", which are each managed with a unique asset class and sector weighting. Each style may have more than one model associated with it. For example, the Conservative Growth style has a stock, bond, and ETF model associated with it, and it also has an ETF only model associated with it. A chart of how these models and styles interact is displayed below:  



We manage a variety of styles to accomodate many different risk tolerances and investment objectives. We also have options to accomodate different account sizes. ETF models have around 15 securities, and are ideal for accounts between $25,000 and $100,000. A single account must be greater than $100,000 to invest in one of the models that consists of stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Severin Investments claims compliance with GIPS, and all performance shown is for the stock, bond, and ETF composites. For more information regarding our models, please reach out to


The Growth Program


The Growth program includes three styles-- Long Term Growth, Moderate Growth, and Conservative Growth. Each style is available as either a stock, bond, and ETF model or a straight ETF model. These three styles have a long-term time horizon and are suitable for investors who are looking for capital appreciation. Long Term Growth is the most aggressive style, while Conservative Growth is the least aggressive.

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Severin Long Term Growth - Performance                                                       


Severin Moderate Growth - Performance


Severin Conservative Growth - Performance






The Growth & Income Program includes Moderate Growth & Income. This style is designed to provide moderate capital appreciation with income producing securities. This style is only managed as a stock, bond and ETF model. No straight ETF models are currently available. Investors with a long-term time horizon, but limited tolerance to risk may find this model attractive. 

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Severin Moderate Growth & Income - Performance




 Finally, the Income Program consists of two styles-- Conservative Income and Moderate Income. These styles are comprised mainly of fixed income with some equity. They are only available as ETF only models at this time, and are ideal for short-term investors with little tolerance for market risk. 

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Severin Moderate Income


Severin Conservative Income













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