Severin Investments Models

Below is a list of Severin Investments models that are available to advisors through certain overlay managers, TAMPs, and subadvisory agreements. 

For more information about the models, or how you can implement them in your practice, please email or call (866)983-2707.

Current Equity Income Strategy

The Current Equity Income Strategy (CEI) is our flagship model. CEI is a 100% equity portfolio that uses common stock and limited partnerships to achieve an above market dividend yield with capital appreciation. Current Equity Income is fully invested in US equities and generally holds around 85 securities. You can find links to more information about Current Equity Income below:

The Current Equity Income Program Description

Current Equity Income Performance and Risk Statistics

Current Equity Income Sector Allocation and Top Holdings


Growth Strategies

The Growth program includes three styles-- Long Term Growth, Moderate Growth, and Conservative Growth. Each style is available as either a stock, bond, and ETF model or a straight ETF model. These three styles have a long-term time horizon and are suitable for investors who are looking for capital appreciation. Long Term Growth is the most aggressive style, while Conservative Growth is the least aggressive.


The Growth Program Description

Stock Portfolios: 

Conservative Growth Performance Moderate Growth Performance Long Term Growth Performance
Conservative Growth Sectors/Top Holdings Moderate Growth Sectors/Top Holdings Long Term Growth Sectors/Top Holidngs

 ETF Only Portfolios:

ETF Conservative Growth Performance ETF Moderate Growth Performance ETF Long Term Growth Performance
ETF Conservative Growth Sectors/Top Holdings ETF Moderate Growth Sectors/Top Holdings ETF Long Term Growth Sectors/Top Holidngs

Growth & Income Strategy

The Growth & Income Program includes Moderate Growth & Income. This style is designed to proivde moderate capital appreciation with income producing securities. This style is only managed as a stock, bond and ETF model. No ETF-only models are currently available. Investors with a long-term time horizon, but limited tolerance to risk may find this model attractive.











The Growth & Income Program Description

Moderate Growth & Income Performance and Risk Statistics

Moderate Growth & Income Sector Allocation and Top Holdings


Income Strategy

The Income Program consists of Conservative Income. It is comprised mainly of fixed income with some equity. Conservative Income is only available as an ETF-only model.











The Income Program Description


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