Severin Investments is an asset management firm specializing in active management of stock, bond, and ETF models. Our transparent solutions range from risk-based models that blend asset classes to models that follow a single asset-class strategy. 

Blended Models

Severin Investments blened models are designed to control investors' risk exposure by blending asset classes, sectors, and investment strategies to create a diversified investment portfolio. These models are designed so that investors can fully diversify their assets with one model or use multiple models to further blend asset classes. Strategic holdings include large-,  mid-, and small- cap domestic equity, international, emerging markets, commodities, and a fixed income portion. The blended stock, bond, and ETF models can have anywhere from 70 - 100 individual holdings, while straight ETF portfolios are ideal for smaller accounts and usually carry around 15 holdings.




Specific Strategy Models

Specific strategy models generally employ a few specific investment strategies to manage one asset class. Each model is managed using a completely unique set of rules. Currently, there is one model that fits this description, Current Equity Income. However, we will soon be offering two additional models in this category. One is a momentum model and the other is a fixed-income only model. For more information about our new models, please contact our sales team at